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They See Me Rollin Boardbag - PRE ORDER

They See Me Rollin Boardbag - PRE ORDER

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They See Me Rollin Boardbag

  • Super ABS traction wheels
  • Ripstop +Heavy duty fabric
  • 600D Polyester
  • 210D lining
  • Enforced carry handle
  • S-shaped zipper for easy access
  • Wet/Dry compartments
  • Heavy zipper pullers
  • Embroidery logo's
  • Name Tag
  • 165x35x18cm
  • 119L

They see me rollin'
They hatin'
Patrollin' and tryna catch me ridin’ good POWPOW!
Get lost in the world and go traveling in search for good snow.
With this boardbag life on the road will be super smooth. Without any argue we can state that this boardbag is the Bentley (or any other super high end fancy card brand that you like) of all board bags. Take a look at all specs & feel the materials, you have to be with us on this one.

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  • RZ-labs

    The Technology to protect is second to none! Extremely tested technology that has proven to be the best in the industry. Choosing RZ-labs for our protection gear felt mandatory.

  • Unisex fitting

    Working with the best materials also results in the best fitting. The cutting of our materials and stretch is so complete that we managed to make an ultimate fit for male and female in one product. This is the future in gender neutrality.On top of that we keep simplifying. We have 1 size range from 5y old till 99+ years old.

  • Breathability

    Good protection gear is almost like a first layer. This means you will need a lot of breathability to be able to love your protection layer. Therefore, you need to have a close look to all materials we use and how much perforation, mesh, and other possible ways to ventilate are going on. Even the protection RZ labs is perforated to a maximum.

  • Washability

    We believe sweating is a natural- and good thing when performing in action sports. Therefore, we never compromised on the ability to wash your protection gear. Take your protection shield out and get rid of those smelly flavors.

  • Price point

    We believe in a good price for a very good product. In many ways we are looking for a good balance between a product that works and the price you pay for it. Go out and explore the market and see for yourself if you can find all our features in protection gear for this price.

  • Team Tested

    We have athletes all around the globe riding in our gear. They are the backbone in the research & development we do to get the best possible product out there.